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There are close to 20,000 known species of bees living around the world. They are close relatives of wasps and ants and vary greatly in their appearance, habits, and lifestyle. Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and culture. Besides being important pollinators, bees provide honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and propolis that are widely used in cooking and medicine.

While playing many important roles in nature and human life, bees can present a major inconvenience and even a danger to health if nested in or near your home. Although bee stings are only mildly painful, many people are allergic to the bee venom and may suffer stronger medical consequences.

Bees look for secure, covered places to create their nest and can often be found in wall voids or chimneys. Removal of bees from the property is a delicate and complex process and should always be conducted by professionals. Your pest control specialist will evaluate the situation and may call an experienced beekeeper to help create a new home for your guests.

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Killer Bees Exterminator and Removal

Africanized bees or, as they are known colloquially, killer bees are species of honey bees that originated in Africa. They are more aggressive and resilient than European honey bees and are far more defensive and likely to attack when feeling threatened. While Africanized bees are better honey producers and are less susceptible to changes in environment and weather conditions, their aggressive behavior has presented some problems.

The sting of an Africanized bee, the type and amount of venom it uses is no different from that of its European relative but killer bees tend to attack in numbers and will keep stinging while pursuing their perceived threat for up to half a mile. The amount of venom injected by numerous stings can become life-threatening, especially for those with bee venom allergies.

Killer bee population in Arizona has been on the rise. Since it is hard for an untrained eye to tell the two types of bees apart, it is essential that you call your pest control specialist for an immediate evaluation. When relaxing outside or working in your garden, avoid wearing dark shirts and even dark sunglasses, which can be perceived as a danger by bees.

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  • Short reproductive cycle
  • Prolific reproduction
  • Short maturation cycle
  • Lack of natural predators
  • Small size and ability to stay out of site
  • Adaptation and immunity from chemical pesticides
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