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Arizona Scorpion Proof

Scorpion Proof Chandler & Gilbert, AZ

Long lasting protection & prevention from Scorpions in the Phoenix Arizona Areas

Designed to keep dangerous Arizona bark scorpions out of your home!

Arizona is notorious for its dangerous bark scorpions. If you have been faced with this problem throughout your home or business and have tried everything else, Simply Green has a new approach to eliminate scorpions from your home…permanently. Our professionals use a proven product called Scorpion Repel, the leading method of scorpion protection. This scientifically-formulated, pesticide-free application creates a strong, glass-like surface on your foundation wall, discouraging scorpions from crawling up and into your home.

As you know from living in Arizona, we are surrounded by the most venomous scorpions in the country: the Bark Scorpion. While small compared with other scorpion species, it more than makes up for its small size with a highly venomous stinger that disables its prey instantly. Scorpions are excellent climbers and can fit into crevices as thin as a credit card!

Because most homes here are made of stucco, these scorpions have lots of entry points to choose from. While scorpions prefer dry climates, they do like to seek shade from the sun to preserve moisture in their bodies, which is why they look for shelter under rocks and in holes.

Scorpion Exterminator

Arizona Scorpions

Scorpions are dangerous pests that pose a big liability to family and guests that visit your property. Rely on our specially designed scorpion treatment procedures to eliminate them safely and properly.

Benefits of Scorpion Proofing Your Home

  • One-time application that lasts for years
  • Innovative solution that’s unlike any other on the market today.
  • Environmentally safe application that’s non-toxic and pesticide-free.
  • Durable and long-lasting solution guaranteed to work for years.
  • This physical barrier combined with our regular safe pesticide application will provide maximum protection

Prevent Scorpion Invasion


This physical barrier, along with a chemical barrier applied by our pest control technicians, is the absolute best method to prevent scorpion invasion in your home. Such a dual-pronged approach is what we specialize in here at Simply Green. And of course, as we always have, we offer extermination services, dust injection services, and scorpion black light services to prevent infestation of this dangerous desert dweller. Scorpion treatment and blacklight service is a great start of treating and existing scorpion problem in and around your property

Don’t leave your home vulnerable to bark scorpions. Stop them in their tracks so they can’t crawl up your foundation, into cracks, or under siding.

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