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Tips For Protecting Your Home From Pests This Spring
Tips For Protecting Your Home From Pests This Spring Chandler az
Pest Control
May 8, 2023

Insects & Pest Are Very Active In Spring in Arizona

Springtime is pest time! It’s best to be armed and ready to keep these pests form getting inside your home where they will feed and breed. Insects, rodents, and other critters are drawn in by the warmer temperatures and increased humidity. Don’t give up control of your home to these pests. Protect it from unwanted invaders this spring. Partner with a trusted asphalt Chandler exterminator for more tips, and check out these tips on how to prepare your home for spring pest control.

Identify Pest Infestations

First, you have to identify existing pest infestations. Be on the lookout for signs of pests, such as gnawed items, droppings, and nests. Sniff the air for strange odors and keep an ear out for odd sounds. Once you’re pretty sure you have an infestation, call a Mesa pest control company.

Take Preventative Measures

Prevention is the best way to keep pests from getting inside in the first place. You can:

  • Seal Cracks and Holes: Inspect places around your home for any holes and cracks, then seal each one up with caulk. Pay close attention to areas around wires, pipes, and cables, which are common pest entry points.
  • Keep Your Home Clean: Make sure all food is stored in airtight containers, take out the trash as needed, and clean up any crumbs or spills immediately.
  • Remove Standing Water: This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so remove all areas of standing water, such as clogged gutters, bird baths and leaky pipes.
  • Call Professional Pest Control Services: Pest control experts in Phoenix will bring the experience and tools necessary to not only eliminate existing pests but help pinpoint areas of your home that are vulnerable to future invasion.

Spring Insect Control

Your exterminator in Mesa can visit your home to do an initial inspection to identify the type of pest and the extent of the infestation. Spring insect control inspections are a great way to eliminate common household pests such as bees, ants, cockroaches, flies, and spiders. Pest control techs will use many different methods to eradicate the offenders, such as baits, traps, and pet-safe insecticides.

Rodent Control

When it comes to rodent control, your pest techs can eliminate mice, rats, and all other rodents using traps and baits.

Maintenance Plans

Springtime is the ideal time to sign up for a seasonal maintenance plan from your pest control company in Mesa. They can regularly inspect and provide treatment around your home and property to ensure unwanted visitors don’t set up shop this spring and all year through. When you’re on a maintenance schedule, you don’t have to worry about scheduling service. It’s like clockwork! Great for a busy household.

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