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Top 5 Unusual Hiding Spots For Bed Bugs
Top 5 Unusual Hiding Spots For Bed Bugs Chandler az
Pest Control
15 July 2022

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs are sneaky. They’re hard to detect and hard to identify. But be diligent, as these are nuisance pests that can quickly infest your bedding and mattress, biting you as you sleep. You may assume that because you take good care of your bed at home that everyone does the same. Not so. This is why you should always inspect your bed when traveling and staying in a hotel room.

But bed bugs don’t always hide in beds. Check out these unusual spots you may find bed bugs. If you do, call a local pest control technician in Mesa you can trust.

1. Purses and Pocketbooks

Bed bugs can hide in the seams and pockets of your purse. When you place your purse down on the ground or next to furniture, those little critters jump right in.

2. Stuffed Animals

Does your child have a favorite fluffy friend they can’t go anywhere without? Bed bugs love stuffed animals, which can come in very close contact with your little cherub. Be sure to wash and dry all stuffed animals on a hot cycle periodically to kill unwanted bed bugs.

3. Florescent Light Bulbs

You may assume because bed bugs usually only feed at night that they are averse to light. Not always so. They can congregate in florescent light bulbs, gaining access from electrical areas along the way where they can squeeze in. Be careful when checking sources of electricity for bed bugs.

4. School Buses

Students often bring unwelcome classmates home from school. Bed bugs have been detected in the upholstery of school bus seats, leaping into backpacks and onto students’ clothing. Check and vacuum backpacks regularly, and wash and dry their clothes on hot cycles to prevent these little hitchhikers from getting into your home.

5. Airplanes

Bed bugs have been known to burrow in seats, carpets, and even vents on airplanes. Take extra precautions by washing and drying your clothing on hot cycles after traveling, and vacuuming out your suitcase when returning home from a trip.

Think You Have Bed Bugs?

Most of the time, bed bugs are found in beds, particularly near the head board. But sometimes you’ll find them in the above unusual hiding spots. If you think you have a bed bug infestation on your hands in the Phoenix, AZ area, contact us at 480-550-9220. Our Gilbert and Chandler AZ pest control professionals are well trained in how to eradicate bed bugs from any unusual hiding spot.

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