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Spider ID

Identifying Spiders in Phoenix Arizona

Taking a look at the common spider types in the Phoenix, AZ area

The Phoenix area is home to many spider species. It’s important to be on the lookout for any and all spiders that could come crawling into your home. Here’s a look at the most common invaders.


Black Widow

Characterized by the hourglass-shaped mark on their abdomens, black widows prefer to nest near the ground in dark, undisturbed areas. These shiny black spiders will attack humans if provoked, delivering a toxic bite that affects the nervous system.

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Brown Recluse

You can spot a brown recluse by its dark, violin-shaped markings. They prefer dark corners of your home that are rarely cleaned or disturbed. They will bite if provoked, resulting in lesions, nausea, and fever.

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Wolf Spider

These quick-moving, relatively large and airy arachnids are usually black, gray and brown in color. They like leafy, grassy areas outdoors but they occasionally do seek shelter in homes. They may bite but they’re generally more of a nuisance.

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Sun Spider (Camel Spider)

While scary looking, sun spiders are generally harmless. Also known as camel or scorpion spiders, sun spiders are tan in color, with darker abdomens. They hunt at night and feed on insects such as termites and even other spiders.

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Western Spotted Orb spider-exterminator-phoenix-arizona

Western Spotted Orb Spider

The Western Spotted Orb Spider spins a circular web to catch flies, moths, beetles, mites, and other bugs. They are brightly colored, have hairy or spiny legs, and a big abdomen. They rarely bite, preferring to catch their unsuspecting prey in their webs.

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Jumping Spider

Known for their swift reflexes and ability to leap, they can jump as much as 25 times their own size! As you can imagine, they are very capable predators. Jumping spiders prefer to be outdoors but sometimes make it into houses and are generally harmless.

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The largest of the arachnids, these hairy black or brown spiders can bite but are only aggressive when provoked. Tarantulas have spiky hairs on their bodies that may cause itchiness and discomfort for humans.

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What do Arizona spiders look like? Are any of the spiders dangerous? While various species do share many of the same characteristics, 2 spiders can be quite dangerous and avoided at all cost. The Black Widow and Arizona Brown Spider can cause serious medical problems. Call a professional to remove these 2 spiders.

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