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Easily among the most annoying of the pests, mosquitos in the Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa and Phoenix Arizona area also contain huge risk for spreading viruses through their blood-meal method of feeding. While having them outside can be normal, it is a mistake to assume they can't be driven from the home.

It's time you took back control of your yard and got rid of the infestation of mosquitoes. There's only so much you can do to lessen their presence, from removing standing water to protecting yourself with bug spray. When the problem becomes too much, you need something more aggressive. That's where we come in.

Mosquitos in the Chandler, Gilbert and Phoenix Arizona area pose a health risk to people and pets because they spread viruses. And of course, they are very annoying, driving you inside once dusk hits because they become unbearable. Don't let them control you any longer! You should be able to hold barbecues, relax on your outdoor deck or sit by the pool near night fall without problems!

Zika Virus has been officially confirmed to have been located here in Maricopa County. Here in Chandler and Gilbert, AZ It is best to keep your property treated by a professional mosquito exterminator to prevent these pests from worsening or becoming an issue. Before treating a property, our mosquito control experts will do a proper inspection . We look for sources that will attract mosquitos or allow them to freely breed on your property. Once the inspection is done we evaluate a proper treatment plan to directly treat their landing and breeding sites to significantly reduce the population around your home. With the mosquito population issue drastically increasing here in the East Valley we take it seriously to protect the people. Our service is effective and it lasts. With many years experience doing mosquito services we've really nailed down the best product mixture that keeps these pesky insects away from your property. Call us for a free quote!

Two Ways to Eradicate Mosquitoes From Your Property

Here at Simply Green Pest Control, we offer two effective approaches to mosquito removal: mosquito misting treatments and mosquito traps. Let's go over each one in detail.

Backpack Misting Treatments

This type of treatment is applied with a fine mist throughout your yard, targeting common resting areas for mosquitoes. Once the mosquitoes come into contact with the mist, they die. Our team will also treat standing water and educate you on other ways you can lower the mosquito population in your yard. We do this treatment every month during mosquito season, usually between March and November.

In2Care Mosquito Traps

The next solution we offer is In2Care Mosquito Traps. These are a more effective method of eradicating mosquitos from your yard, especially important now that the Zika Virus is confirmed to be here in Maricopa County. This is a proven mosquito control solution designed to protect your family from the dangerous diseases spread by mosquitoes.

When mosquitoes rest on the traps, they are exposed to two active ingredients:

  • A growth regulator
  • A biological fungus
  • The mosquito then leaves the trap and travels back to its breeding site, where it spreads the solution to other mosquitoes. The growth regulator ensures mosquito larvae don't develop, while the biological fungus prevents the mosquito from transmitting any diseases. Our team will place these professional-grade traps strategically around your yard to ensure the best results.

    Why do these traps work? It's rather simple. Viruses like Zika, Yellow Fever and Dengue are spreading at a rapid pace. The Aedes mosquito, their vector, divides its eggs over many small and hard-to-find breeding sites, and worst of all, it is resistant to chemical insecticides. The In2Care Mosquito Trap is built to attract and kill Aedes mosquitoes with green ingredients that target both larvae and adults.

    In2Care Mosquito Traps

    Complete Mosquito Treatment by Professionals

    Part of what makes mosquitos so annoying is their constant biting and flying in our faces. Your loved ones can react differently to mosquito bites, from a mild to a more extreme reaction. Mosquitoes and nats tend to prefer activity from dusk until dawn but can be found active among cloudy and dark areas of the property. Many mosquitoes are also attracted to certain vegetation. The more vegetation such as plants and trees around your property the more landing sites the mosquitos have. Any type of standing water around your property is also very attractive for them as a breeding site to lay their larva for even more mosquitos to hatch creating a constant issue. Just to put it in perspective the amount of standing water held in a bottle cap is enough to breed HUNDREDS of mosquitos each day. Get protected today!

    To learn more about either one of our solutions, contact Simply Green today! We would be happy to schedule an inspection.

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