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Wasps are stinging insects that are related to bees and ants and encompass many different species, such as hornets and yellow jackets. Unlike their close relatives, bees and ants, who build complex societies, wasps are mostly solitary insects. A lot of wasp species are parasites or predators and will feed on other insects. Some species feed exclusively on honey bees.

The appearance of the wasps differs greatly depending on the species. Most will have two pairs of wings and a cinched waist, for which wasps a widely known. Some have yellow and black coloring similar to bees, others are black or have metallic hues of green and blue.

Wasps can be attracted to human dwellings by food sources such as sticky sweet soda spills, uncovered garbage cans, sugary foods left within reach. Wasp stings are painful but do not generally present a health risk to humans with the exception of some allergies. Extermination of wasp nests may require a careful and multi-step approach. Contact your pest control professionals for proper wasp removal.

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Hornets are the largest species of wasps and can reach 1.5" in length. They have two pairs of wings and 6 legs. Hornets are social species and build nests in trees and shrubs to house their colony. In climates with cooler winters, the nest dies over the winter with only the queen hibernating under the cover of leaves. Hornets are very aggressive in protecting their nests and will sting at the first sign of perceived danger.

Hornets present a greater danger to humans than other wasps or bees. Their stings are aimed at killing their prey and contain a higher concentration of venom. Unlike bees, hornets do not die after stinging their victim as the stinger is not pulled out of their body, which means they can sting repeatedly. For people allergic to the venom hornet stings can turn deadly.

As hornets look for well-hidden parts of the trees, keeping your trees and shrubs trimmed will help prevent hornets from nesting near your home. Removal of hornet nests may involve a combination of chemical treatment and physical removal. Considering the danger that hornets can present to human health, it is highly advised that any attempt to remove hornet nests be done by trained professionals.

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